Like a lash lift for your brows, this new service works with your natural hairs but makes them way more memorable. Brow lamination takes mediocre brows and transforms them into Insta-worthy face framers. 

Dubbed as 'microblading without the needling', brow lamination is set to take the beauty world by storm. While “lamination” might make it sound as if your brows are about to get glued together with plastic, this is not the case **exhale**. Think of it as a way to tell each brow hair which way to point, giving similar results to the feathering effect of microblading. Each individual hair is given attention, without actually being drawn on. This pain-free brow treatment is perfect for taming unruly brows or to simply bring better shape and definition to your natural brows.


approx. 60 min
65,00 €