Eyelash Extensions

Experience the dream of seductive lashes!
Our goal is to give every woman luxury, long lashes while still having them look natural.
Our eyelash extensions application provides highest professionality, quality and durability. Because of our lashes, your eyes will be put to focus perfectly without having to use mascara.


Procedure and quality

You can choose how thick, long and curved you want your lashes to be.
By offering this high individuality we can give every woman a set of lashes that fits her own personality perfectly.
Our synthetic lashes look natural, are highly elastic and intensely black. Lengths range from 7mm to 15mm.


Benefits and Durability

With a professional eyelash extension you don't have to apply mascara any longer. Our special glue, which is excellent concerning resistence, makes it no problem to shower aswell as do sports and swim.
This lashes stay on exactly as long as your own natural ones that fall out and renew themselves every two to three months in their natural cycle.
To obtain the perfect volume, regular refills are necessary.
This type of extensions is also compatible for people who wear contact lenses.


What exactly is an eyelash extension?

Absolutely natural looking, synthetic lashes are being applied - one by one - to your own ones. And they stay on until your own ones fall out and renew themselves. Our eyelash extensions give your lashes more volume and length and make your eyes stand out even more!


New Set (approx.2 hours)
2D Lashes
50,00 to 80,00€