Micro Retinol Anti Aging Treatment

Retinol plays a big role when it comes to rebuilding the skin’s structure.
But, so far, the beauty industry has not been able to include it into products with a stabile effect.
Scientists at Pevonia Botanica could now steer clear of difficulties with the oxidation and minimal stability of retinol.

Micro-Retinol technology allows the distribution of Retinol-micro particles within the dermal layers, which restore the normal functions of your skin within the shortest amount of time. It works as a “manager” and controls the distribution of basal cells to regulate cell activity.

  • revolutionary results
  • improves elasticity
  • reduces wrinkles
  • improves moisture level
  • even pigmentation
  • works against the process of skin aging
  • rejuvenates the skin’s appearance


At home:

You can prolong the results of your Spa treatment by using the “Spa Clinica” products consisting of cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser.
Because of their high concentration of active ingredients these products should not be used with other products.



ca. 60 min