Fruit acid Treatment Exuviance

Even Cleopatra knew the nourishing and rejuvenating effect of fruit acids, by using milk and wine for bathing. Today, fruit acid from modern medical cosmetics has become indispensable.
Fruit acids are naturally produced acids. They consist of the smallest molecules and can therefore penetrate optimally into the skin. They act like a gentle exfoliation: the keratinized and dead uppermost cells are increasingly rejected and the formation of new cells is stimulated.
Fruit acid is not the same as fruit acid!
For the compatibility of the fruit acid and the success of your treatment, the optimal combination of three factors is decisive: the concentration of the product, its pH value and the absolutely safe assessment of your skin condition.
Clinical examinations and publications prove the effect on the most common skin problems:
Anti-aging on mature skin - dry skin - oily, impure skin - acne prone skin - combination skin - sensitive skin - fine, superficial skin wrinkles - pigment irregularities of the skin - wrinkles on the eyes and ingrown hairs on the legs


approx. 60min