Permanent Hair Removal

Imagine: no more ingrown hairs, painful waxing or annoying shaving. For many men and women, excessive hair growth is not just a cosmetic problem but a real burden.

Hair problems are a thing of the past!
With the new Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, permanent – and gentle – hair removal is possible.

How does permanent hair removal work?
The penetrating light pulse is absorbed by the pigment of the hair through the skin. The absorbed light energy is converted into heat in the hair which damages unwanted hair permanently, without harming surrounding tissue.

The course of treatment
Following an extensive consultation prior to the first treatment, the pulsed light device is adjusted to your individual hair and skin type to achieve optimal results. Then, a thin layer of contact gel is applied and light pulses are delivered to the treatment area. The unwanted hair falls about after 2 weeks.

How many treatments are necessary?
Approximately 25% of body hair will be in the growth phase and can be treated with the pulsed light, the rest are in a resting phase and will be treated in subsequent sessions. Per session, up to 90% of the growing hairs are removed. Depending on the region to be treated, 3-7 sessions will be necessary.

Is the treatment painful?
Through a skin cooling treatment, permanent hair removal is virtually painless. Only a slight itch signals successful treatment. The treated skin areas react with mild redness which will subside after a few hours.

What should I be aware of after treatment?
For best results, you should avoid exposing treated skin areas to direct sunlight or a tanning bed before and after treatment. In the summer months, exposed skin should be protected with sun block.