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I have been a regular at La Bonita for about four years and always extremely satisfied.

01. Sep. 2017 - 15:22

The atmosphere is really pleasant. The rooms are very tastefully decorated in an Asian-inspired style.
Due to (stubborn and recurring) skin problems, I usually have a deep cleansing, microdermabrasion or something similar. My skin then always feels very pleasant and irritated areas of skin heal very quickly. The boss Sonia performs miracles regularly on my beating skin and I like to chat with her about God and the world. As long as I do not fall asleep during the facial massage (actually cleaning, but still very pleasant).
A few times I have a back massage, always with other employees, indulged. Also there I was very satisfied. The massage rooms on the upper floor (on the lower floor, the cosmetic treatments are performed) are also very classy and the massage beds very comfortable.
My wife has last year by means of a new hair removal method (IPL I believe that) treated the private parts. After six treatments, all hair is gone and it does not seem like anything is going to happen.
Would it allow my budget I would prefer weekly at La Bonita. But unfortunately I am not the only one who is so satisfied. It is advisable to make appointments two to three weeks in advance. It is possible that you will get an appointment at short notice during the week in the morning. But this is hardly the case for afternoon dinners and evening dinners.