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I've been a customer at La Bonita for a few years ...

04. Oct. 2019 - 09:45

. ..and still and always very enthusiastic about the pleasant, relaxing feel-good atmosphere, the sympathetic and competent team and the high degree of professionalism and perfection in the execution of the treatments.

I enjoy my visit already from the moment in which I open the door - for me the La Bonita has become something like a small relaxation and pampering oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life: Gentle, quiet relaxation music, the street shoes are exchanged for cozy slippers, a cup of coffee for the waiting time and the most important thing: dear employees who greet you with a smile and give you the feeling for the time of the treatment, as if you were the princess in the evening of the big ball :)

One of my favorite gifts for my girlfriends is therefore always vouchers for La Bonita - for the simple reason that I know that I can do my girls with it really good and give them a few relaxing moments - and each of them was in retrospect just as enthusiastic as me (so I can recommend the treatment for expectant mothers from second hand).

In summary, I can say: No matter what treatment I have used so far - eyebrow shaping, facial cosmetics, various massages and body treatments, manicure or pedicure - here the customer leaves the treatment cabin only when he is absolutely satisfied, every brow perfectly in shape brought, every nail painted immaculately and every massage was so relaxing, that you would like to continue to doze on the couch :)