A professional peeling is an important precondition for effective skin rejuvenation. By means of a gentle abrasion of the dead skin cells, an effective nutrition of the deeper skin layers is guaranteed. Microdermabrasion by REVIDERM is the perfection of peelings - it is controlled and gentle, but primarily effective and suitable for every skin type.


Through the absolutely painless removal of the corneous layers the skin receives a strong signal to start creating new cells. These new and undamaged cells force their way to the skin’s surface gradually displacing old and damaged skin cells. Active agents subsequently applied to the skin are more effectively absorbed and thus their efficency is optimized.

Treatment with the Reviderm Skin Peeler Professional ensures not only success with wrinkles, but is also especially effective for pigmentation abnormalities, acne, scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

We recommend a package of 4 treatments (1 per week)


approx. 60min