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Gomming - cellulite treatment with mit pushup effect!

14. Jul. 2018 - 11:15

The antigravitational massage

Fluids in continuous movement, occupy interstitial spaces and redefine the plasmatic of your body: your shapes, your aesthetics. MSB Gomming is the treatment designed to allow the beautician to practise a massage that was unavailable before, thanks to the Body Gomming: a patented adhesive cosmetic, associated with quick-action products, formulated only with strong active ingredients.

New antigravity manipulations bring the skin to a physiological dimension; they hydrate and nourish the derma, expanding the connective tissue that is inexorably crushed by gravity and oppressed by cellulite edema. MSB Gomming is the most important body treatment given to beautician in terms of firming and toning, that can reshape the silhouette of the gluteus, abdomen and thighs from the first session. MSB Gomming, cosmetic lines that do not waterproof and thanks to their formulations let the skin breathe, promoting its metabolism.
Farmogal does not use mineral oils, silicones or preservatives and checks every production batch for the absence of heavy metals and Nickel to guarantee dermatological and chemical safety.