The treatment of the Queens

The ancient queens of Babylon and Egypt devoted lots of their time to the care and beauty of their own body. The spa day began early in the morning with a bath of milk perfumed with flowers picked before sunrise and then continued with the massage. The same treatment lives again today thanks to Farmogal science and the wise hands of the beautician.Stratosottile is an integral, micro-stimulating and toning peeling, that cleanses while hydrating and stimulates directly the skin while it exfoliates. Stratosottile keratolytics allow to reduce the stratum corneum and smooth the skin by quickly preparing it to the subsequent normalization by giving it a new texture and softness.

It is a stimulating treatment that promotes metabolism, hydration, nutrition and plasma exchanges, with ease and times compatible with today's rhythms. Stratosottile, cosmetic lines that do not waterproof and thanks to their formulations let the skin breathe, promoting its metabolism.
Farmogal does not use mineral oils, silicones or preservatives and checks every production batch for the absence of heavy metals and Nickel to guarantee dermatological and chemical safety.


90 min