Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing removes all hair in the genital area (including mons pubis, labia, anal cleft). It has been popular for years in Brazil, the United States and France, and has also become a trend here.

Brazilian waxing is not just the removal of interfering hairs exposed on the sides of swimsuits or panties, but in the traditional sense of the term involves the complete removal of all pubic hair.

Brazilian waxing can be divided into the following categories:


Brazilian Hollywood Cut

removes all the hair in the genital area.


Brazilian Landing Strip

a narrow strip of hair is left on the mons pubis. 


Brazilian Triangle:

a triangle of hair is left on the mons pubis.

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Unfortunately, Brazilian waxing is not completely painless.
The feeling varies depending on hair growth and sensitivity to pain. However, be assured that it gets better every time, because the hairs are fewer and thinner (assuming you repeat the treatment every 3-4 weeks).


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