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La Bonita Beauty Spa Vienna

Take a break from everyday stress and discover a huge range of beauty and wellness treatments in the informal and friendly atmosphere of a modern day spa! La Bonita offers wellness, cosmetics and beauty from head to toe.

You can choose from relaxing massages, refreshing facials or just take a quick waxing in between

Gift Certificates

Certificates are always a good idea!

There are always occasions for small gifts - Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, or just for little attentions in between.

Our wellness gift certificates and beauty coupons can be issued for any amount or treatment you need.

Delicate hair removal techniques best left to professionals!

We remove your hair with 3 different methods: sugaring, waxing wth Fleece strips and waxing with spatula - for every Skin the right choice!

...relax together!

Now we can offer you relaxation with up to 4 persons  in a seperate room together!. It doesn`t matter if you choose massages, facials, pedicures or body treatments. It is perfekt for friends or families. Call us for more information!

Venus Care & Booty Care
Vajacial an Butt facial!

Many suffer from ingrown hair, impurities and dark spots in intimate areas. We have the right treatments for it!
  • I have been a regular at La Bonita for about four years and always extremely satisfied.

    The atmosphere is really pleasant. The rooms are very tastefully decorated in an Asian-inspired style.
    Due to (stubborn and recurring) skin problems, I usually have a deep cleansing, microdermabrasion or something similar. My skin then always feels very pleasant and irritated areas of skin heal very quickly. The boss Sonia performs miracles regularly on my beating skin and I like to chat with

    - 22.02.2014 - Curzon D über
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  • I've been to La Bonita several times now and I'm thrilled!

    I've tried a lot of facial treatments, pedicures and massages and have always been very satisfied.
    It is a great ambience in the middle of Vienna, easy to reach and the value for money is right.
    I recommend the studio with a clear conscience.

    - 06.02.2014 - Vanja P. über
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  • Top Service!

    I have been a client of La Bonita several times and have been very satisfied every time! Very friendly welcome, very competent advice (especially for skin problems) and impeccable treatments. The spa is decorated with great taste and you can feel right at home. In addition, there are a variety of treatments, which makes it possible to do hair removal, pedicure, facial treatment and a massage...

    - August 2017, Adina Vucic über
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  • Just great ...

    Just great ...

    My girls ALWAYS have time for me, u alone is already 10 pts worth ... Since I have to be spontaneous as a single parent, I thank the La Bonita team that it's the girls then always ...

    It is also a spa where you feel really good ... I find top class u will not change any more ... have found my "beauty oasis" ...

    Is definitely recommendable ...

    Love it ...
    - April 2016, Medusa Ra über Facebook
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  • Relax ... let your soul relax ... and feel good all around

    That's exactly what I felt when I first visited the La Bonita Beauty Spa. Since then, I really enjoy coming here to escape the daily stress a bit.
    The entire team of the spa is incredibly nice, accommodating and also extremely professional!
    Due to the extremely soothing face treatments, my skin not only visibly improved, but it feels fresher after each treatment and looks more youthful, so I...

    - 26.08.2013 - Kristin L. über
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  • I've been a customer at La Bonita for a few years ...

    . ..and still and always very enthusiastic about the pleasant, relaxing feel-good atmosphere, the sympathetic and competent team and the high degree of professionalism and perfection in the execution of the treatments.

    I enjoy my visit already from the moment in which I open the door - for me the La Bonita has become something like a small relaxation and pampering oasis in the midst of the

    - 07.08.2013 - Michi B. über
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about us

Since our opening in August 1999, La Bonita Beauty Spa has been known for our expertise and for the relaxed, cheerful atmosphere that ensures that your stay with La Bonita will be an experience to remember!

Originally designed as a beauty institute, La Bonita has developed into a modern day spa with a variety of treatments and therapies for face and body.

Venus Care & Booty Care
Vajacial an Butt facial!
Many suffer from ingrown hair, impurities and dark spots in intimate areas. We have the right treatments for it!
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