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WELLNESS - Spa Packages Vienna

Exotic scents, pleasant music, relaxing massages and beauty from head to toe!
Wellness is not just a word for us – immerse yourself in holistic treatments to replenish your body’s natural balance.  Choose one of our pampering treatments, or personalize your own spa package.

Best of La Bonita

The ultimate wellness package with the best La Bonita has to offer! The 5-hour luxury break begins with the exceptional royal peeling - Afterwards, we pamper you with an active-care care of face-neck-décolleté. Beautiful skin with sacred plants - real plant leaves! A soothing neck, shoulder and head massage lets you relax even more deeply. Even the best for your hands and feet - the deluxe manicure and deluxe pedicure beautifies and softens the skin
approx. 5 hours
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Bliss for 2

Relaxing together is so much better! Share the spa experience with a friend or loved one two till four people can be massaged simultaneously by two therapists in the same room.
Bliss for 2 - Relax 1
Bliss for 2 - Relax 2
Bliss for 2 - Relax 3
Bliss for 2 - Exotic 1
Bliss for 2 - Exotic 2
Bliss for 2 - Exotic 3
Bliss for 2 - Chocolate
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La Bonita Relax

Starting with a Swedish massage to losen your tension and make you feel relaxed. Your skin will be looked after, during a Maria Galland facial afterwards. Finally, you get a paraffin bath including a peeling for your hands to make them feel soft
approx. 2 hours
135,00€ instead of 151,00€

La Bonita Secret

Our Wellness & Beauty Secret (120 minutes)
approx. 120min
169,00€ instead of 182,00€
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La Bonita Deluxe

A special highlight not only relaxes the body, mind and soul, but beautifies you from head to toe!
approx. 3 hours
239,00€ instead of 273,00€
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La Bonita Deluxe Gold

Wellness and beauty of the highest quality, to tempt you on an expedition into the realm of the senses! 4 hours head to toe luxury treatment.
approx. 4 hours
329,00€ instead of 369,00€
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Hot Chocolate Harmony

Hot Chocolate is a combination of beauty and spa treatment, giving skin a complete pampering and regeneration process.
approx. 90min
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Mama Special

Our special offer for expectant mothers!
approx. 75min
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