Green Peel - Herbal Peel Five days to new skin!

The Green Peel Anti-Aging treatment removes the top layers of skin to stimulate new growth. The treatment increases blood flow, thus improving the metabolism and the supply of oxygen and nutrients. The result is an intense revitalization and regeneration of skin.
The Green Peel treatment is completely organic without chemical additives!

  • Green Peel treats:

        * Large pores, oily or pale skin, or poor circulation
        * Skin blemishes
        * Scars (caused by acne, accidents, etc.)
        * Aging, sagging, wrinkled, sun-damaged skin
          (Atrophy and elastosis)
        * Drooping facial contours
        * Skin discoloration
        * Stretch marks
        * Sagging skin on arms, legs and waist   


The Green Peel treatment, day-by-day:

Day 1
You have completed the Green Peel treatment. Your skin is now red and you feel a slight burning such as after a mild sunburn. We put together a kit of essential Dr.Schrammek care products specific to your skin type to use for the next 14 days.

Day 2
Your skin no longer looks red. Your skin will be pampered with the Green Peel coordinated products. These products contain valuable active ingredients that support the success of the treatment, protecting skin from dehydration and environmental stresses to protect and enrich skin with valuable active ingredients.

Day 3
You will now see the first signs of skin peeling. The three skin care products are applied as usual to the skin. The preparations are designed to provide your temporarily very dry skin with necessary moisture and special nutrients.

Day 4
The peeling of your skin is now clearly visible. If possible, take the opportunity for a leisurely day at home - a whole day just to relax, read and unwind.

Day 5
Your skin has now completely peeled, and you have an appointment with La Bonita for a maintenance treatment. Your new, particularly receptive, skin is treated with valuable active ingredients. Your skin is revitalized and looks fresh!

Your skin looks re-contoured, brighter, fresher and younger. The fatigue is gone from your face.

This procedure consists of treatment, after-care, and related care products for at-home use.


Treatment + After Care + Homecare Set
Treatment + After care without Homecareset